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Registered Red Angus & Performance Ranch Paint Horses

Ms Elanor 4301 -

Beckton Lancer / LCHMN Elanor / BUF CRK CHIEF

Ms Diamond Peppy

Show Heifers & Bulls for Sale


Ranch Paint Horses-Colts & Trained for Sale



Beautiful, gentle and award winning horses await you at Bull Lion Ranch.  We are proud of our Performance Ranch Paint Horses and we can't wait to showcase our stock.  We train, breed and sell our elegant equine family so bring your questions and requests.


Paint horses are native to America and come from a long lineage of ranch work.  Strong and intelligent with a mild temperament make them the perfect working breed.



Our Registered Red Angus show heifers and bulls are available for sale here at Bull Lion Ranch.


Quality breeding combined with a focus on expert care result in the perfect combination.


We offer replacement Heifers, Show Heifers and Bulls for Sale at all times.  We can help you develop your foundation stock and meet any show quality criteria.


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