Bull Lion Ranch

Vineyard - Winery & Lodging

Chalk Mountain, Texas


Our VINEYARD site was chosen for the high mineral soils found in many parts of the ranch, particularly on a small hilltop that slopes for good drainage. The hilltop soils are very dense with a mix of limestone,  fossil shale and black soil from over 100 years of roaming livestock.


Due to the geological composition, our construction was much different than most vineyards.  Each planting row was trenched with a rock saw cutting 500’ rows, 8” wide, and 40” deep. The trenched mix of material was then put back into the cut rows, thus creating a planter box filled with soils of high mineral content.  These mineral that are native to our ranch bring out the best in each vine and the end result is quality grown wine.


Our grape varieties are Sangiovese, Montepulciano, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, and Tempranillo. These varieties are typically grown in the mountains of Italy, Spain and Argentina which mirrors our environment here in the Texas hill country.


"I have been asked many times why I planted on a rock hill.  The finest wines in Italy come from rocky mountain vineyards .  We have been able to recreate that unique environment  on the Bull Lion Ranch.  The result is a very earthy and robust grape that we expertly craft into unforgettable wines.


So che vi piacera I vini che coltiviamo…………………………Anthony Tordiglione"


Montepulciano 3rd Year

Meandering Vineyard Trail


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